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The Ball-and-Socket Interlock was introduced in the United States in the late 1930’s and continues to be the preferred interlock by piling contractors and engineers. The advantages of the ball and socket interlock over Larssen are:

  • Stronger Junction: PZC is over 2.4 times stronger than imported AZ (view test)
  • "Greater interlock strength improves integrity during driving and allows forces to be redistributed laterally along the wall." Reference: USACE: 2.1 Metal Sheet Piling UFGS - 31 41 16 (See p.7)
  • Most rugged, durable, and flexible interlock available
  • Ideal for reuse in multiple projects
  • Higher “buy back” value
  • Easier driving and extraction
  • Setting or swing – allows adjustment to wall length by swinging (rotating) sheets

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